Natural Taste of Nariyal Pani

शुद्ध और प्राकृतिक
नारियल पानी


Nariyal Pani

KIAANZ envisions a world where nutritious, clean, organic and healthy Coconut water are the standard rather than the exception; where all people involved in creating the product are treated with fairness; and the planet is treated harmlessly.

KIAANZ Nariyal Pani

KIAANZ have produced the very first flavoured coconut water powder on the market with a subtle, yet delicious coconut flavour. Unflavoured Coconut Water Powder generally has a natural saltiness, which leaves an unpleasant taste and prevents people from using this effective supplement on a regular basis. So, if you’ve tried coconut water before, and have found the taste off-putting, KIAANZ Coconut Water Powder is the supplement for you.

No Added Flavor(s)
No Added Preservatives
No Added Artificial Permitted
Food Colour(s)
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Benefits of Coconut Water

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Natural Taste of Nariyal Pani

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